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The following Site pages were recently updated:

Home Page - Personal News
Fixed the Links on the Home Page & Conejo Valley Community Page


 Important Sept - Dec 2016 Dates:

11 Sept   911 Remembered
25 Sept   Ventura Flea Market, Ventura County Fairgrounds
2 Oct   Pickups and Station Wagons, Murphy Auto Museum
16 Oct   Moorpark Road Street Fair, Thousand Oaks
20 Oct   Georgia and Marv's 55th Wedding Anniversary
29-30 Oct   Crossroads Ventura Gun Show, Ventura County Fairgrounds
18-27 Nov   LA Auto Show - Los Angeles Convention Center
17-18 Dec   Crossroads Ventura Gun Show, Ventura County Fairgrounds

Our site is for Family, Friends and Others . . . and includes links to fun, interesting and educational places.  If this is your first visit, you can go to the Site Map to scan the contents.  You can also see new items under the What's Recently Added section below . . . just click on a link.  If you want to reach us, click on the Contact Us link or go to the Feedback page to send us comments or suggestions.

Entertainment, Business, Technology and News links below plus links for Social Networks, Topical Subjects, Cyber Communities & Middle East Information.

Business, Technology and News Links

Entertainment Links

What's Recently Added

Ventura County Star

KNX 1070 News Radio
Fox News
MSNBC Business
MSNBC Technology
USA Today
Wall Street Journal

History Channel
Turner Network TV
Muvico Theater Thousand Oaks
Edwards Camarillo

Sept 2016
NEW 2016 News Headlines
Big Boy Toys


Social Networks

Amber's YouTube site
Marv's Face Book page

Topical Subjects

911 Remembered

Cyber Communities
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After Intel Survivors Group
Ventura Highway Group

 Middle East Information

bullet University of Chicago - Independent news from across the Middle East region, translated to English . . . including Military News.  This site is extensive.


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