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12 Inch Action Figures

These are a few of my over 400 12" action figures from the GI Joe, Star Wars and Star Trek collections.

Military Related Figures

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Most of these military figures are manufactured by Hasbro (the original GI Joe manufacturer), Blue Box International, 21st Century Toys, Cotswold and Dragon.

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1997 - U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot, GI Jane
21st Century Toys
2000 - U.S. Army Air Cavalry Pilot, Vietnam
1999 - AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter

2000 - U.S. Army Tank Crewman, WWII - in front
21st Century Toys
2000 - U.S. Army Tank Commander, WWII - in turret
1999 - U.S. 82nd Airborne Division, WWII - back of tank
1999 - U.S. 29th Infantry Division, WWII - by the turret
1999 - M5 Light Tank, WWII
3 Blue Box International - bbI
2000 - F-15C Eagle cockpit and pilot "Viper"
(this is one of the most exquisite 1/6 scale military models I have seen . . . in addition to the highly accurate details, one of the switches on the instrument panel actually turns on the instrument lights)
4 a




21st Century Toys
4a-1999 - German Schwimmwagen Land/Water Recon Vehicle, WWII
4b-2000 - German Kettenkrad Motorcycle Tractor. WWII
4c-2001 - German Kubelwagen, WWII
4d-1998 - U.S. Army M1025 Arctic Reconnaissance Vehicle
4d-1999 - U.S. Army Cavalry Scout and Motorcycle, Modern
4d-1999 - U.S. Dispatch Rider and Motorcycle, WWII
4d-2001 - U.S. Army Willys Jeep w/30 CAL machine gun, WWII
4d-1999 - U.S. Army Courier & Harley Davidson WLA 45, WWII
5   Hasbro
2000 - 155mm Howitzer, WWII
6   Hasbro
1990 - Apollo 13 Astronaut, 13th Anniversary
1999 - Apollo 11 Astronaut, Colonel Buzz Aldrin
1998 - Shuttle Astronaut, Robert L. Crippen
1997 - Mercury Astronaut
1990 - Mission Splashdown, Astronaut and Capsule
7 Air Force, Airborne & Aviation Related - Descriptions Link
Marines & War Correspondents - Descriptions coming
Army - Descriptions coming
10 a




Hasbro 10a-2000 - U.S. Navy 40mm Gunner, WWII
10b-2001 - U.S. Navy Battleship Row Defender, WWII Pearl Harbor 
10b-2001 - Hawaiian Territorial Guard, WWII Pearl Harbor
10c-2001 - U.S. Army Hickam Field Defender, WWII Pearl Harbor
10c-2001 - U.S. Army Diamond Head Lookout, WWII Pearl Harbor
10d-1991 - Sub Crewman, USS Connecticut
10d-2000 - PT Boat Commander, Vietnam
10d-1998 - U.S. Coast Guard - 35th anniversary addition
10e-2000 - John F. Kennedy as Vietnam PT Boat Commander
10e-1999 - Deep Sea Diver from Timeless collection
Cotswald 10d-2001 - U.S. Navy Enlisted in dress whites
Other Descriptions coming
Command - Eisenhower, Bradley & Patten
Additional descriptions coming
12 WWI pilot, WWII soldier, Korean War soldier, Vietnam Air Cavalry
More detailed descriptions coming
13 Special Forces - Descriptions coming
14   International Forces - Russian, British, French, Belgian, Australian & Israeli forces - Descriptions coming
15   Japan, Vietnam, WWI and Teddy Roosevelt
Descriptions coming
16   German Forces - WWII
Descriptions coming
17   Vintage Joe's and Commemorative Hasbro 1960's Reproductions
Descriptions coming
18   Top Shelf Collectables - 24 inch
2002 - U.S. Army Aircorp NCO, WWII

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