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4 Wheeling with Land Rover

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7 Dec 02    20 Sept 03

7 Dec 02

Our first serious off-road adventure . . . on 4 wheels.

About once a quarter, Land Rover of Thousand Oaks gives it's customers a chance to sign up for a day of guided off-roading . . . a chance to see what the vehicle is capable of and to gain some experience and incite into the world of 4-wheeling.

I had signed up before, but always had a conflict when the day was picked.  This time, they picked Saturday, 7 Dec and no conflicts.  There were 18 customer vehicles and 4 Land Rover of TO vehicles.

So Jerry (my son) and I get to Land Rover at 7:30a for a complimentary breakfast buffet and then at 8:30a we head for a remote section of Bouquet Canyon . . . about 15 miles north-east of Valencia.

We drive deep into Bouquet Canyon and finally get to the trail-head . . . this first section is rough fire road, steep, but not difficult.  I have the Land Rover's transfer case in high and transmission in 3rd. 
These aerial photos are courtesy of Ansel Rodriguez . . . he took me flying and I got some great shots.

As we climb to the ridge line, I am wondering what to expect next.  At the top of the ridge we stop let everyone catch up and are told to put our transfer cases in LOW, it's going to get more difficult and that after lunch (yes, they also provide lunch), we will really be challenged . . . CAN'T WAIT ! ! !

 The fire road up from Bouquet Canyon.

  This is where we leave the fire road and go over the ridge line.


 The Rover goes up most any hill in 3rd or 4th with the ABS making sure power goes to the wheels with traction.  It also has an electronic Hill Decent Control. . . with the push of a button and the transmission in 1st, you take your foot off the brake and let the computer control braking on each wheel independently . . . no slipping or sliding, just a very controlled decent at about 3 or 4 mph.  It's unbelievable!

We find a spot that will hold all 22 of the Land Rovers and we stop for lunch.  This is about 4,500 feet and the temperature was only 43 deg., but clear as a bell . . . you could see forever.

 What a view . . .

After lunch, we head straight down . . . sort of, toward the reservoir.  I have to admit to a degree of fear accompanied by an incredible adrenaline rush.

There is no way I would have done this alone.

These next shots will give you an idea of the ROAD (if you could call it that) conditions.  As we were descending, we came across 4 guys on motorcycles that had just come up this same trail.  They asked if we were really going to go down this . . . and were we crazy.  They stopped and watched us for the next 20 minutes, shaking their heads.  You had to see the size of the ruts and rocks to believe it.  At times I was only on 2 wheels.

I have a new found respect and admiration for my Land Rover and these pictures DO NOT do it justice.

I love my Land Rover . . . in the last photo, I was only on the left front and right rear wheel.


I am ready to go again . . .


20 Sept 03
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Gas and restroom stop

On the fire road

Short but steep and rocky

Flying over the top

Not bad

Looking back

Waiting for everyone to catch up

A serious Defender

Lunch time

Marv and Jerry

In the shade

Cigars with Al

Wendy and a view

After the group picture

Down the mountain

The final leg



Short, but deep ruts and rocks

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