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It's April 2006 and there was a mother cat and new kittens (only several weeks old) living near Zebra's (Wendy's employer at the time) factory in Camarillo.  These were feral cats and not very friendly.  It did not appear as though some of the kittens were going to make it, so you can guess the rest.  With help, she was finally able to catch the kittens and she adopted one . . . named him Lucky.  Lucky was not so healthy when Wendy brought him home . . . but vet $$$$$, patience, love and time fixed most of his health problems.

Wendy gave him unconditional love and lots of attention . . . turning this angry feral kitten into a loving friend with a bit of a shy streak toward strangers.  He loved Wendy and over time came to accept (or tolerate) the rest of us.  Their bond continued to grow stronger and over time Wendy's other cat Tinka actually began to get along with Lucky.

Late Sunday evening on 13 June 2010, Lucky's breathing became very labored, so around midnight Wendy rushed him to the emergency pet clinic in Thousand Oaks.  Georgia and I followed about 1:00am to provide some support and comfort.

Lucky did have a congenital heart problem and some digestive issues that were being treated with special food and medication.  This was his second stroke plus he had lost a lot of weight in recent days and the doctor indicated that the prognosis for recovery was not good . . . even if he survived this stroke.  So with reluctance, sadness and tears, Wendy made the extremely difficult and painful decision to put him to sleep and save him from further suffering.

At 2:30am on Monday morning, 14 June 2010, Lucky passed away.  He died peacefully in Wendy's arms.

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