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The following links are a collection of sites that I have found useful and informative.  Most are related to one of my hobbies or activities or they point to a personal or business site belonging to a friend.

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bullet Phantom Ranch
bulletDick Oakes worked in Xircom's Technical Support group in the early 90's creating and managing documents for our various on-line support venues.  He is currently involved in Web Site design.  Interesting B-Western history and some 3D photo techniques.

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bulletBrad Tallent started his company several years ago and has developed the site into one of the best on-line sources for law enforcement related equipment and supplies.  Brad and I worked together at Wordplex in the late 70's and early 80's.
bullet Ken Karagozian, Photographer
bulletI met Ken at a Hells Angeles Swap Meet and Bike Show . . . he was taking photos of people and their bikes.  He has some fabulous Black & White photos on his web site - check it out.  He has some current exhibits of his work listed on the site. 
bullet Nelson Dodge's company provides Web-based systems solutions and business development consulting for businesses in transition.  Nelson directed all the early marketing and corporate communications at Xircom
bulletThis site was the brain child of Benjamin F. Kuo.  It is a Web community for technical people in the 101 high tech corridor between the Valley and Santa Barbara. The helpful, content-rich site has been in operation for two years, attracting job seekers, employers and news hounds.
bulletXirrus is a high tech start-up headed by Dirk Gates, former Chairman, President and CEO of Xircom, Pat Parker, former CEO of Nomadix and VP of World Wide Engineering at Xircom and Sam Bass, former VP of Operations at both Ixia and Xircom.  They design and manufacture WiFi arrays where bandwidth, range and speed are critical.

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bullet The American Experience | Lindbergh
bulletA PBS in depth look at Charles Lindbergh.  In Special Features you can explore the story behind the Spirit of St. Louis, the kidnapping of his son Charlie and his relationship with Germany's Nazis.

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bullet Big Cartoon Database
bulletThis site has the largest database of cartoon animation I have found . . . it is searchable, has a forum and includes the complete listings from all major studios (Fleischer, Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, etc.) as well as 28,000 cartoons from not so major studios.  Synopsis, production notes and reviews.
bulletInternet Movie Database
bulletThis is the absolute best site for film research . . . incredible detail on any film you can name; including published reviews, cast, full credits, customer comments, etc.
bulletStar Wars Official WEB Site
bulletWhat's new in the world of Star Wars
bulletTime and Date
bulletWorld clock, time zone calculators, calendars, date calculations, sun & moon calculators & more
bullet Ventura Harley
bulletOne of Ventura County's Harley dealers . . . the other is Simi Harley.
bullet Wikipedia
bulletThe free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. 3,043,357 articles in English
bullet Yard Sale Queen
bulletYard sale tips, advise and links

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bullet If you need books, music or a movie, this is the place.
bullet Cigars International
bulletExcellent prices and customer service . . . check out the specials.
bullet Cotswald Action figures
bulletHasbro's GI Joe, Dragon, Bluebox and other military action figures.
bulleteBay - The World's Online Marketplace
bullet The worlds best on-line auction site . . . if you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.
bullet Model Expo
bullet Great site for model trains, wooden ships and plastic kits.
bullet Movies Unlimited
bullet If you can't find a movie anywhere else . . . try here.


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