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Jerry started riding in the dirt when he was 9 or 10, got his first street bike when he was in the navy stationed in Norfolk, VA.  After his 4 years in the Navy, he came home in the late 80's and bought a 600cc Honda Shadow.  He rode the Honda until 1999 when my riding bud, Al Franco, decided he needed a new bike and was looking for a home for his '86 Soft tail Custom.  It was in great shape and Jerry bought it.  He had not really done much to it . . . remember that the HD stands for 'HUNDRED DOLLARS'.  It's at least that much any time you buy something.

Well he finally decided to just do it . . . the it being 'personalize his ride'.  So this is a record of the transformation of his '86 from just about box stock to custom bike.  Jerry being into DRAGONS, you can guess the bike theme.  The custom work completed by Dave (working at AIP at the time of the build) now owner of Dyno Dave's Performance in Chatsworth, CA.  Web Link

. . . oh and did I mention his latest tattoo! 

The New Tattoo - the Lady and the Guivre
(guivre, n. a dragon without wings or legs, looking much like a snake save its horned draconic head)


The Guivre

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1997 - 2004


  The Honda Shadow  Out for a ride The '86 before . . . with Amber . . . another shot  

December 2004

Dragon Image that will be air brushed on the tanks Tank and Fenders The frame . . . sans swing arm Front end Engine out
The Frame is back & powder coated gloss black Engine mount     Dave from AIP in Van Nuys, CA Dave, Jerry and the powder coated
The rear wheel was a disk . . . now twisted spokes.  New low profile tire coming Front wheel with polished disk
  New seat High rise bars Frame wiring started New Chrome sliders  

January 2005 Back to the TOP

Front wheel mounted & forward controls Right side view Left side view Rear view with new low profile tire New rear wheel
pulley - very cool
Another look at the business end
Wendy checking out the back tire New headlight Left side forward controls Right side forward controls Front Fender Oil Tank

February 2005 Back to the TOP

Engine is in and cylinders powder coated Cases polished, inner primary chromed Top view Dragon claw assenger pegs Dragon leg kickstand Rear Fender with Dragon's tails
  Rear fender
Closer Look Left side tank mounted Right side image . . . color is off due to lighting  

March 2005 Back to the TOP

Almost home . . . check out the pushrod covers Left side Cylinders & kickstand From the back Dave making final adjustments Rear view
  Right side Left side Adjust the bars One more tweek  

June 2006 - New additions


New pipes and brakes

  The pipes  

Rear 4 Valve Calipers

Front 4 Valve Calipers

November 2009 - Encounter with an SUV Back to the TOP

Details on the Personal News page - I will update this page with progress pictures as the bike is rebuilt.


Front end

Right Tank


Left Fork


February / March 2010 - Rebuild Progress

A few concepts for the new paint - Jerry picked the center image.
The tail will be on the rear fender.

Paint done . . . not the best pictures, but good enough to get the idea.

New fork legs

Before mounting Tanks

Tanks & Front Fender on

Left Side

Rear Fender

Right Side

New Speedo Bars, Speedo & Tanks Rear fender detail New forward controls New rear pully From the back
  Finished at last . . . 13 March 2010  

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