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"I was surprised when I started getting old.  I always thought it was one of those things that would happen to someone else"
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I love my Harley.  I bought it in 1993 and except for the frame and a few other odd parts, everything has been chromed, painted or otherwise replaced.  A cam bearing failure in 1997 forced a complete engine rebuild and gave me the opportunity to beef-up, powder coat and polish the engine and transmission.  It has taken me 17 years to get it where it is . . . with a paint job in 1999 by Chris Wood at A I R T R I X being about my last major improvement.  As a side note, HD does not stand for 'Harley Davidson', it stands for 'Hundred Dollars' . . . you can't do anything to a Harley without spending at least $100 . . . in my case multiple thousands.

Love Ride 21 - Starting lineup in Glendale.  This image is courtesy of Steve at Main Street Photo . . . check out their web site.
Main Street Photo Home Page
They specialize in photographing motorcycle events

The photos below chronicle my bike's evolution from a stock black Softail Classic in 1993 to the custom bike it is today . . . along with a few miscellaneous event pictures.  I entered my bike in Ventura Harley's Endless Summer bike show in 2000 and took 1st place in the Softail Custom class.  I do love it!


Image art for the rear and front fenders were air brushed by Chris Wood owner of AirTrix.  The images are inspired by illustrations from fantasy and science fiction artist Frank Frazetta . . . best known for his Little Annie Fanny, Conan and Tarzan illustrations, among many others.  The breath of his work is truly amazing.  Two great Frazetta sites: the Unofficial Site and the Official Site.


Death Dealer II and Dawn Attack

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Un-crate the bike Out of the box In the saddle New tank and fenders   Wendy & Jerry ready to ride


Oatman, AZ . . . oh my   Jerry, Wendy and I in Oatman New graphic on the fender Tank Pad Amber riding the Hog


  Wendy with Flip Wilson The Arizona Bikini Team Jerry in Oatman Oatman, before the crowds  


  Harrah's at the Laughlin River Run How about Spiderwoman Two for the road On the road again  

1997 - 1999

When a cam bearing goes While it's apart . . . polish & powder coat George assembles the engine Back in the frame Final assembly, every nut & bolt chromed Ready to ride . . .
  Heading for Oatman, AZ In AZ with Al, Jerry and Wendy Wildlife Waystaion benefit at Calamegos Wildlife benefit - Steven Segal  


Temporary tank & fenders New paint job . . . 3.5 months to complete Front fender graphic Rear fender graphic Back Roads Classic ride Love Ride 17

    Love Ride 17 with Bob Vincent Ventura Harley bike show - 1st place    


    New Intake Breather New license plate paint New helmet Art!  

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