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This page contains family related current events and news . . .
. . . sometimes not so current if there is nothing new to post

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Update on Jerry's accident Jerry's Bike Rolling Again Added another car to the stable Bad Parking Decision
Jay Leno and Wendy at the Rock Store
Amber's Graduation Amber Gets Her Permit Amber's new Benz Wedding Day

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Happy 48th Anniversary - October 20, 1961
Marvin & Georgia

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So we don't have to drive her to Ventura College . . . she carries a full schedule, 5 days a week.

It's a 1985 Mercedes 380se registered to her . . . this car is built like a tank and was a favorite of the Mafia in the 80's.  If you could see the trunk, you'd know why.  You could also get it armor plated.  Has a sun roof, auto everything and a great body.  Paint needed help . . . so she went to the paint shop for a face lift.  It is, after all, 25 years old.

Painted by 1 Day Paint & Body in Oxnard.  Ready for masking tape removal and final detailing.

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New paint and new rims . . .

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Student Driver 

OK, clear the roads . . . teen driver approaching.  Amber starts behind-the-wheel training in mid-July with Safety First Driving School that includes Freeway and Canyon driving, Defensive driving and Emergency procedures.


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A Few Thoughts from Amber's Biggest Fan, Her Grandfather

First, we want to congratulate Amber on achieving this milestone in her personal development . . . through persistence, dedication, and a lot of hard work. 

Next, we want to thank the Staff and Faculty of the Somis Academy (A Charter School for Home Schooling) for providing a supportive academic environment combining personal responsibility with a focus on an individual student's needs. 

Finally, for her vision and un-relenting support and encouragement and her un-shakable belief in Amber's abilities we want to recognize and thank Georgia . . . Amber's grandmother, advocate, mentor, teacher, scheduler and transportation manager.  If we were Catholic, I would nominate her for Sainthood.  Her 10 years of guidance . . . 365-days-a-year I might add, were focused on the single goal of seeing Amber standing on this stage and receiving that cherished diploma.

. . . and for Amber, we want her to know that she can achieve whatever it is she wants to achieve in life.  This is the foundation on which she builds her future.

CONGRATULATIONS Amber. . . we love you very much and are very proud of you.

My Goals after High School

For the summer, I plan on getting a part-time job and in the fall of 2010, attending Ventura College.  I will be majoring in business, but will also be taking a few fun courses just for personal enrichment.

I have learned and grown a lot during my high school experience at Somis Academy and made many close friends.  I would not have gotten this far if it weren't for my family, especially my grandparents who have been extremely understanding, easygoing and patient with me during these years of transition into adulthood.

The Graduation Ceremony was held at the Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, CA June 9, 2010
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Early Arrival All Dressed Up In Cap & Gown Ready to Graduate
Assembly The Class of 2010 Amber Waiting
The Procession The Graduates Somis Facility Mr. Maygren, Amber's
Supervising Teacher
Amber Thanks All Hug from Grandpa Dad says a few words Hug from Mom
Tassels to the Left Somis School District accepts the Class of 2010 HooRay . . . Now off to Ventura

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Jay Leno at the Rock Store on a typical Sunday.  He is always willing to take photos and chat about bikes and cars.  Photo with Wendy and his custom 32 Ford Roadster


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Someone trying to park on Clara Vista for the Lacrosse games at Peppertree Park apparently went up the curb and well
. . . the result!


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Sold the VW Jetta that I bought from a co-worker at Atrua in 2004 when I was comminuting to San Jose.  I just left the car in San Jose and did not have to rent a car each week . . . worked out great.  That was over 5 years ago and with 130K miles, it was time to look for something not as long in the tooth that I could also tow with.  Sold the Land Rover a few months back, so I had nothing I could use to tow my bike trailer.  A very good friend . . . a biker bud, was selling his wife's '96 Ford Explorer (they bought a new Scion xB).  I bought it sight unseen.  The Explorer is fully loaded and only 60K miles . . . and he is meticulous, so I knew it was in great condition.

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The old '94 VW Jetta and our new '96 Explorer


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Dragon64 was completed by Dave at Dyno Daves in Chatsworth, CA on 13 March 2010.  See the rebuild progress steps on Jerry's Bike Page.

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 0   N E W S

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Jerry finally got a settlement for the property damage portion of his accident . . . the other party was found at fault.  The insurance company totaled his bike and Jerry then had to buy the bike back.  He used the balance of the settlement proceeds to repair the bike.  Progress is being documented on Jerry's Bike Page.

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