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Saying Goodbye to Xircom

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May 29, 2003 - the Gathering
. . . a celebration with the Clan

Well . . . it looks like the 2300 building will become a distant memory.  Rumor has it that the lights will go out in about a week.  I have to say that it gives me pause as I reflect on the memories and a 12 year association with some of the best, the brightest and most energetic group of individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with . . . the heart and soul of Xircom was it's employees.

It did not always go right, we made our share of mistakes and we had more than a few disagreements, but through it all . . . the bonds and the friendships remain.  So, who gets the credit for this very unique environment and it's culture . . . you have to admit that it  starts with the founders.  They attracted and recruited like minded employees and together slowly developed the culture that we all came to enjoy and sometimes took for granted.  It was a great run . . .

Estimates put the attendance at between 100 and 125.  Arrivals began at about 4:00pm and it wound down around 10:30pm.  We had the patio, the parking lot, back dining room and the bar occupied.  It was a good turn out.  For those that could not make it . . . or did not want to make it, you can scan the pictures.

Hope to see you all at the next Gathering . . . enjoy the pictures.  If I omitted a name or you see an error, my apologies.  Just let me know and I will fix it . . .

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Remember RealPort . . .

Bryan thought the symbolism appropriate.

Karine, Norm, Mike Murphy and Chris

On the Patio . . .

Robert, Bryan and Mike Marks

At the bar . . .

Mike W., Ricky and his wife and Diana Lee

Inside . . .

Amy and Dane

Always smiling . . .

Norm, Nita and Brad

On the patio . . .

Jim, Mike and Dale

Just chatt'n . . .

Diana Lee, Bryan, Susan and Sonia

David and Brad

Looks serious . . .

No room on the patio . . .

Crowded . . .

The wave . . .

Back inside . . .

Ansel, Mary and Dwayne

Leaving early . . . not Dwayne

Cigar time . . .

Kathy, Dave, Nita, Dale, Mike T and Mike Marks

Mingle . . .

Wendy and Myriam

Very intense . . .

Linda Bergi, Ali, Wendy and Hillary

Kaye, Dan and Darryl

Sam, Kathy and Kessie

Mike, Bergi, Steven and the back of Kathy

Suzanne and Judy

Sam, Mike P and Steven

Al, Becky and Jerry

Having dinner . . .

Gary H, Lee and Gary D

What the heck . . .

Dwayne, Jerry, Rudy, Lynn, Denise, Karyn and the back of Kim.

Debbi, Paul and Diane

Don, Kaye, Linda and Chris

Don, Kaye and Chris

Are they holding Kaye up . . . no she doesn't drink. Gary Mussell's photo

Bill Thurman and Bao

Chris, Kathy (from the back again . . . nice tush), Bob and Rick

Hillary, Mike and Gary

Linda and Judy

Gary Mussell's photo


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